Get rewarded

AT AGED CONCERN ROTORUA we offer a couple of ways of becoming involved in our community to get rewarded or to feel rewarded.

1:  Get rewarded – for your handyman skills and earn a little cash at the same time.  Often our seniors need help with maintenance, repairs, odd jobs and most commonly gardening.

This service has been created to help our seniors and Super Gold Card holders get small jobs done at a reasonable cost.

Keeping up with the chores and everyday maintenance is important in assisting our elderly to feel house proud and continue to live independently.

2:  Feel rewarded  – as a valued Volunteer in our wonderful Accredited Visitors Program.  Sharing an hour of your time as a companion with an elderly in our community will enhance their life and help them feel a little less lonely.  Knowing your visit will light up someone’s life has its own special joy of self reward.

Find more information here on joining our Accredited Visitor Services Program.

Phone:   (07) 347-1539     OR   Email: to [email protected]