About Age Concern

Age Concern is a charitable organisation dedicated solely to people over 65, promoting dignity, wellbeing, equity and respect.  Age Concern Rotorua began in 1984 as ‘Rotorua Council for the Elderly’ and became an Incorporated Society in 1991, as ‘Age Concern Rotorua District Inc.

Age Concern provides information and support services in response to older people’s needs.  It is important to assist  older people and help them stay connected with their family, friends and the community.

Our Mission and Vision

The Mission  (Tā Mātou Kawenga) of Age Concern Rotorua is to promote the rights and well-being of older  people and those who care for them.  Age Concern’s Vision  (Tā Mātou Matakitenga) is as an inclusive society,  where people of all ages and cultures; as they grow older, have opportunities to make choices which lead to quality of life and personal fulfilment.

Our Values

The work of Age Concern New Zealand is based on the values listed below, with special reference to older people, koroua and kuia

  • Dignity:  To respect the dignity and uniqueness of every person as an individual and as a valuable member of society
    Wellbeing: To ensure that older people are given the opportunities to achieve physical comfort, engage in satisfying activities and personal development and to feel valued and supported.
    Equity: To ensure that older people have an equal opportunity to achieve wellbeing by directing resources to help those disadvantaged or in greatest need.
    Cultural Respect: To respect the values and social structures of Māori and people of other cultural and ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating respect by working together to gain mutual understanding

Age Concern Rotorua Council governs and manages the affairs of Age Concern Rotorua District Incorporated in accordance with its vision and objectives.  The board consists of a minimum of seven councillors elected at the AGM or co-opted subsequently.

  • MONTHLY MEETINGS are held on the second Tuesday at 5.30pm, at the Age Concern premise and are open for public attendance.

The current council members and their designated positions are;

President:  Shirley Hatch
Secretary:  Dorothy Dyson
Treasurer: Gayle Munro
Councillors: Jenny Grant, Kate Gillam, Russell Bridge, Joanne Bryant.
note:  Council Members of Age Concern may change.  Age Concern Rotorua endeavours to keep this information as up to date as possible.

He Manaakitanga Kaumātua – Kei te āwhina i a koe
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