Health Promotion

The aim of Health Promotion at Age Concern is to make Rotorua an age-friendly community and to achieve this we;

  • Work with key organisations including local, regional and national government to influence that decisions made ensure the rights, wellbeing and quality of life of our older people are enhanced and maintained.
  • Are actively involved in local stakeholder and community groups to advocate and work with identified issues.  For example, Positive Ageing Rotorua (an advisory group to Rotorua Lakes Council) and Safe Rotorua (a multi-agency group supporting safer community initiatives).
  • Make submissions at local, regional and national levels on strategies and policies affecting older people.  (For example submissions were made to Rotorua Lakes Council’s Sport & Recreation Strategy and the Health of Older People Health Strategy) 
  • Are working with Lakes District Health Board on coordinating a collaborative approach to falls prevention in the district.  The aim is to provide a comprehensive service directory across the fall spectrum (community and clinical) as well as professional development for providers and to maintain consistent communication across these services.
  • Are establishing a partnership with Rotorua Library to develop new initiatives and enhance services for older people.

Currently people aged aged 65 years and over make up 13% of the district’s population.  By 2033, that figure will rise to 25%.

We seek feedback from older people and their families on issues affecting them within the local, regional and national planning strategies.  Your feedback is valued and can be included in our submissions.  Email us your feedback here.  We will do our best to support.